Becoming Our Highest Best Self Gods Way

As a Christian one of the biggest battles I have faced is the judgment of others, especially those of the household of faith. One of my missions is to prove that we can make mistakes, act up sometimes, and still have a perfect heart for God. Our humanity is revealed on our journey and should encourage the freedom of others to not be ashamed of where they are, as they are making progress for the better. Kiki's Critique has the Best Healthy Spiritual Lifestyle Blogs, videos, podcasts, and more; centered around understanding how having a perfect heart for God is the most important thing. In the world today, it seems like conformity is all around us and individuality is being challenged. To live a life being able to show up authentically is the best gift of freedom we can receive, and we are here for it.  

Here at Kiki's Critique, we are committed to bringing you 'Real Answers" to life's very real problems. By sharing with you the lessons I am learning through my walk with God; Flaws and all, I hope that together we can will discover that we are perfectly imperfect and created for a purpose higher than ourselves. Through Art, Love, laughter, and of course a few tears, the Critique Crew will get through it all together. We live in a time where unity in the truest form needs to be fought for. By inclusivity, through the artistic way that we express ourselves, Stepping into our pinnacle of existence, embracing our individuality is essential to freeing us to simply BE while inspiring others to become all that they were created to be too.


I pray that by igniting my gifts by sharing with you my heart, you too will join me by becoming your highest best self too.


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