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Popularized by TikTok and the drift community in social media, "drift phonk" is a subgenre of phonk which emerged in Russia in the late-2010s; its main features are the use of cowbells and high bass. It is generally used in lo-fi videos showing drifting cars. With the rise in popularity of drift phonk, the word "phonk" started to become more associated to the subgenre as opposed to the original genre.



Phonk took inspiration from trap roots in the Southern United States in the mid 1990s.[1] Artists or musical groups like DJ Screw, X-Raided, DJ Spanish Fly,[2] DJ Squeeky,[3] and the collective Three 6 Mafia all helped pioneer the foundations for the genre to emerge many years later, with the Houston chopped and screwed seen as the precursor to the genre.[1] While phonk died down at the end of the 2000s, it saw a resurgence in the early 2010s,[4] thanks to artists such as SpaceGhostPurrp.[5]

The word "phonk" was popularized by SpaceGhostPurrp,[6] who released tracks such as "Pheel tha Phonk", "Bringin' tha Phonk", and "Keep Bringin' tha Phonk".[7][8] In an interview, he explained that "phonk is slang for funk", in reference to the G-funk music genre.[9] YouTube channels such as Ryan Celsius also helped popularize the genre.[10] Phonk producers continued to push this sound in the underground, before the genre gained real momentum during the mid-2010s.[1]

By the end of 2017, phonk had shifted away from the "gritty, dark, Memphis-oriented sound", incorporating more modern vocals, with elements of jazz and classic hip hop.[1] This stream of phonk has been described as "rare phonk" by Celsius, characterized by "more of a cleaner, almost mainstream trap sound".[11] Between 2016 and 2018, phonk was one of the most listened genres on SoundCloud, with the hashtag #phonk among the most trending each year.[12][13][14]

Directly inspired by 1990s Memphis rap, phonk is characterized by old Memphis rap vocals and samples from early-1990s hip hop.[15] These are often combined with jazz and funk samples.[1] The chopped and screwed technique is mainly used, in order to create a darker sound.[1][15]

A peculiarity of phonk is the fact that it is not anchored to a regional "scene":[1][15] it is tied to SoundCloud itself as an online platform, which highlights subgenres derived from hip hop and experimental pop.[2][16] Other notable artists associated with "new-age phonk" include DJ Smokey,[17] DJ Yung Vamp,[18] Soudiere,[19] and Mythic.[2][7]

Alongside its musical aspect, phonk is characterized by a distinguishable aesthetic incorporating cartoon imagery including fan-art of The Simpsons.[20][21][22] Phonk artists often use "Pen & Pixel"-style graphics for their EPs and albums.[21]

"Drift phonk", a subgenre of phonk, emerged in the late-2010s in Russia.[23][24] It is characterized by the use of high bass, cowbells and distorted sounds,[11] making the lyrics of the samples often unrecognizable.[24] The tempo of drift phonk tracks is also high.[5] Drift phonk videos often use clips of drifting and street racing cars,[24] which makes it popular in online car culture.[5][25] The genre quickly gained traction through the app TikTok in 2020.[24] Most of the prominent drift phonk producers come from Russia.[24] The pioneers of the genre are considered to be such performers as Ghostface Playa, Pharmacist, Prxsxnt Fxture, Dvrst, Kaito Shoma and Ya$h.[26]

As drift phonk became popular on TikTok, it became more mainstream than the original genre; this, in turn, made the word "phonk" become more associated with the drift phonk subgenre.[27] Following the rise in popularity of the genre in Russia,[28] Spotify released their official curated phonk playlist in May 2021,[29] which was almost exclusively composed of drift phonk songs.[27]

Hey guys, wait. Quick question: what is phonk?Georgia: *silence*Brody: I guess it's sort of like funk but different. More grimey?Georgia: Maybe it's quite edgy?

So, just to be clear, you don't know anything about "phonk"?Arya: Nah, it's a cool name though.William: It's not a four-on-the-floor, that's for sure. Is it electronic? Is it live instruments that make it? Is it rapping? Is it singing? I don't know.

I don't know what it is. I need your help.Niamh: We've never heard of phonk.Annabel: I reckon they play it in places around here. If I heard it, I would think it was quite cool. Maybe it's played in small pubs and clubs. There's places like that in Richmond, maybe they play it.Rebecca: It wouldn't be played live though, it would be DJs.

Where do people go to "phonk" the "phonk" out?My mum uses words like "arty farty" so when I think of "phonk" that's what I think of. Maybe it's some sort of spin-off of that.

One reason for the rise of phonk is the rise of streaming services like Spotify, which have made it easier for people to discover new music. Another factor is the popularity of trap music, which has helped to bring phonk to a wider audience. Due to TikToo, phonk is often used with the online car culture and is used in TikTok videos of drifting and street racing cars.

The free phonk loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these phonk loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops. Any questions on using these files contact the user who uploaded them. Please contact us to report any files that you feel may be in breach of copyright or our upload guidelines.

Description : Wanna collab?Contact me on Discord (name in profile, click on profile picture) or Instagram (link in profile) for collabs, custom/exclusive loops, stems, mixing & mastering of your phonk song/vocals or other inquiries.

Drift Phonk is a subgenre of phonk that emerged in the late 2010s and is defined by the use of cowbells and high bass. The subgenre is heavily associated with drifting and street racing, and achieved public recognition with YouTube compilations and viral presence on TikTok. Drift Phonk songs have been used in multiple meme formats including 3D Phonky Town Trend, Phonk Trollge, Muscle Building Pencil Comics, and Dr. Livesey Walk. 041b061a72

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