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Iskander Altmäe
Iskander Altmäe

Llibre Mirall Trencat Pdf Free

Llibre Mirall Trencat Pdf Free

Mirall trencat (Broken Mirror) is a novel by the Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda, published in 1974. It is considered one of her masterpieces and one of the most important works of contemporary Catalan literature. The novel tells the story of a bourgeois family from Barcelona, the Valldaura-Farriols, from the beginning of the 20th century until the aftermath of the Spanish Civil War. It is a saga that spans three generations, marked by secrets, betrayals, love, death, and decadence.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you might be looking for a free PDF version online. However, you should be aware that downloading or sharing copyrighted material without permission is illegal and unethical. Therefore, we recommend you to buy the book from a legal source or borrow it from a library. You can also read some excerpts or summaries of the novel on the internet to get an idea of its content and style.

Llibre Mirall Trencat Pdf Free

Here are some websites where you can find more information about Mirall trencat:

  • []: This website offers a PDF file with an analysis of the novel by Júlia Gumà, a professor of Catalan literature at the University of Barcelona. The file includes a biography of Mercè Rodoreda, a summary of the plot, a description of the main characters, and a study of the symbolism and the narrative techniques used by the author.

  • [MYDOKUMENT.COM]: This website provides a PDF file with another analysis of the novel by an anonymous author. The file covers similar aspects as the previous one, but with a different perspective and approach.

  • [Google Sheets]: This website shows a PDF file with the prologue of the novel written by Mercè Rodoreda herself. In this prologue, the author explains how she conceived and wrote Mirall trencat, what difficulties she faced, and what she wanted to express with her work.

We hope this article has been useful for you and that you enjoy reading Mirall trencat, a novel that reflects the history and the society of Catalonia in a captivating and poetic way.


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