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Deeper With God

Lately, I've been hearing God tell me that I need to draw nearer to Him. Have you been feeling this spiritual "pull" as well? Growing in God, With God, having faith in God, and Trusting God are all different processes. I think we tend to apply the same approach but they differ in the fact they are stages. Having faith in God and Trusting God requires a level of experience that ONLY comes from growing in and with God. Developing a relationship takes time, patience, ups and downs, and commitment to allow it to grow. God wants us to get to know Him, His ways, His Heart...God wants us to ultimately trust Him totally and Completely.

He wants us to be able to recognize His voice so that He can give us the directions to fulfill the purpose He has for us. As I have been surrendering to His will for my life, I have been faced with my reflection on a deeper level. Clearly, I am opening my eyes to my ways and learning to hate the things that God hates. However, I understand that in order to adopt that concept deep in my spirit I MUST read my bible and spend time with God. Guys, I often wonder why God has called me to spill my heart and my process with you all. I can only pray that it helps you.

This week on Kikis Critique Youtube we are beginning a journey to have a deeper relationship with God. I hope that you will join me on this journey.


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