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HBS Christian Lifestyle Coaching Is HERE!!!

We here at Kikis'c Critique are so excited to be offering this Extraordinary program designed just for you. This personalized coaching program is created to assist you in becoming your highest best self, by providing the tools necessary to conquer every goal we set. From losing weight to starting a business HBS Christian lifestyle coaching is there to guide and provide practical principles as well as intensive courses to allow permanent and positive change. From one-on-one coaching via telephone and zoom to a personalized course load including lectures, coursework assignments, and homework formulated to keep us accountable, motivated, and determined to reach our destination; and we do all this while becoming closer with God as our program and coaching style all are inspired and guided by Gods Word. To become our Highest Best Self, we have to be prepared to get disciplined and trust the process, especially we are challenged and feel like giving up. HBS Christian Lifestyle Coaching is there for you. Because of our unique approach of understanding that no two people are just alike, we ensure that your program is as special as your fingerprint, as we want YOU to become your individual BEST self and enjoy what God created you to be. If you are ready for this life-changing experience, Register TODAY!!

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