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How To Be Productive When You Don't Feel Like It.

One of the hardest things to maintain and the most challenging thing to begin is implementing discipline in any area of our lives, I believe. From losing weight to saving money, conditioning ourselves to follow rules and guidelines set, not by someone else; but the ones we set for ourselves seem to be the most challenging thing to accomplish. However, I am here for the challenge. The one thing I am determined to do in this life is to not be conquered by things. To not be defeated by that which I had control over. So I created a sure-fire way to be productive when I don't feel like it, and I am excited to share it with you. First, you have to begin by identifying "Why" you don't "Feel" like doing whatever that thing is or those things are? Maybe you are tired of working hard all week and you overextended yourself? Maybe you've procrastinated and the idea of moving at a faster pace intimidates you or maybe you are a procrastinator. Whatever the issue is it is very important to get real and be honest about "Why" you "Feel" reluctant to do what is possibly best for you. This was the very thing I too had to search to discover, and what I realized is that anytime I fear the dicipline of being productive, the hesitation to move, reminding myself that i gain power and momentum to no regret a wasted moment due to laziness and surrendering my our emotions. Now, please understand that there are times when rest is required. we can't go past go unless we shut down and recharge, and in those times is when we listen to our bodies and recharge. It is when we get out of balanced and fall into having a dirty house and a messy life. i learned that being productive dosen't mean that EVERYTHING on our daily to do list gets done, however what will begin to happen as we take on little step at a time, eventuall it all gets done. When you don't feel like moving, begin to resist those emotions and tell youselve to " Get Moving"! We can master the energry we already have to harness the power we need to get any task done.

Here are a few of the things I do to be productive when i don't feel like it:

  1. Examine my thought process, am I speaking encouraging, positive affirming words over my life, situation or task? and if not change it quick!

  2. Do I need to do this? A Need is different than a want. a need is something if it doesnt happen it can be detramental.(i.e Taking care of a family, Paying Bills ect.) and it could be harmful or even life altering. A want is something simply superficial. It won't hurt you if you don't do it or participate in it. It's simply pleasing only to self (i.e party, hanging with friends.

  3. Ask qualifying questions Will I regret doing, not doing this? Is this something that if put off cause a delay in moving forward or completing a much needed job or task.

  4. Have I considerd everything that is necessary to accept or deny what is my responsibility or not if whats before me is mine to handle then its up to me to ge it done.

  5. Have I considered the reward? When it comes to completing a task, reaching a goal or overcoming an obstcle; its noting more fullfilling then to know that we set our minds, trusted God and the process, gathered the courage and handled what was necessary. The mountain has been moved and it was by my might but by the strength of the Lord in which we trusted and stood on to get the job done.

Crew, no matter how big the job is we can conqure it by not bowing down to the fear of what of failure or surrender to the spirit of inadequecy. Together as long as we are her we will get through whatever hinders us, because nothing will stop us from becoming our highest sef.


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