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It's All LOVE

What's up Critique Crew, we are in the Month of LOVE. February, we are All about the Love, and since I am a black woman, I am all about the black love. I have struggled for years on how to identify with my blackness while maintaining a heart open to acceptance of all races. It's interesting how we can want to accept another for their differences, but we can have a hard time accepting the differences in ourselves. I am so very proud to be a woman, a black woman and all that is represents. The older I get the more I am eager to embrace parts of me that I not wanted to expose to others and even face myself. The scars and the imperfection, the ugliness and all the wonderful human qualities that keeps me humbled and my heart pure. This year God has got me on a mission to grow more confident, to become more courageous and to tackle this world by the horns of every stubborn bull that tries to attack or detour me. It's 2022 and loving ourselves are the essential keys to showing up authentic and being able to receive all the goodness this life has to offer.

Falling in love with ourselves takes commitment to know thyself and embrace in us what can't be changed or altered. Let's continue in the season building habits that will allow love to be defined in us, through us, and out of us so that others can find the freedom to love themselves too. check out for conversation this MONTH on the topic of love.


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