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Things Will NEVER Be The Same

The words that keep repeating in my head are "Things will never be the same" and boy if that ain't the truth. Every moment of our lives is designed to be completely different even if the slightest change is unrecognizable or the moment is insignificant in our ignorance to stay blinded by the fact that we are truly living in a gift of borrowed time that will someday end. Life is but a whisper and the more I am alive the more precious my life becomes. To see my children grow, times change, and witness people coming and going out of my life are just a few ways to witness the change in its most transformative way. I believe accepting change, embracing evolution, and provoking growth and transformation is vital to human survival. For as I am approaching a posture of radical transformation, finally fearfully and courageous I am ready to accept my assignment. There are places that I have not been wanting to go out of fear of what others may think of me or the things I may have to give up in exchange for better. It's crazy how sometimes we are so afraid to put down what we are used to, forgetting that; that thing was once new too. There is so much more to life that we have still yet to experience. In the next few months God willing I will be here to witness a new place and point in my life as I will be turning 47. I definitely have been enjoying my 40s, as they have been stabilizing and sobering in a way where life has a whole new meaning. I guess as I am pouring out my heart to you, the bottom line is life will never be the same. After you finish reading you may allow your mind to gaze, as you stare out your window, glance at a spouse or child, with every still moment lets, remember this gift of life we are blessed with. What are you going to do with the life you have left? What difference will you make? Is there forgiveness you need to give, or peace you need to allow to flow through? What changes do you need to surrender to that will allow your next to be better than the latter? I know what I have to do and I'm ready to handle the get-down. As We approach a new season, change is required to properly enter, a new version of us is required. If we are going to be successful at living our lives without regrets then it's time to get real serious about it. Family things will never be the same and I for one don't want to miss a single minute of my next, so I'm preparing for a new season. how about you?

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