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Unpopular and Embracing IT!!!

What's Up! How are you doing today? Me, over all I'm fantastic, just learning to navigate and embrace this new season of unpopularity. Now you may be asking what do you mean by "Unpopularity?" Well, I believe there are times in our lives that we endure growing pains, whether it comes in a form of making mistakes, drawing boundary lines over our lives, beginning something new, ending a relationship or relocating. No matter the change, we all face being in places and seasons of unpopularity. Our decisions may become unpopular, or choices and/or our over all function may temporarily or permanently become an unpopular situation. Right now, my unpopularity is appearing in the form of focus. Focus requires a lot of concentration, dedication, and commitment to complete the task or goals set. I have a lot of goals and plans which require tons of concentration, preparation and discipline and my lack of social time has caused me to become unpopular to some. Another area, of unpopularity has been in the fact that I can no longer tolerate anyone around me being defeated and depressed, and that make miserable people uncomfortable.

I find the more I show up authentically, the more others are able to do the same; and in that process we may have to get comfortable embracing those awkward periods of growth and unpopularity that can stem from being in that shifting place. Everyone is not going to approve or condone our decisions or lifestyle choices. We may lose relationships and certain "opportunities" that appear to have been good for a time, but in all actuality those things that dissipated and left were never meant to stay. Its ok to be unpopular. In the Word of God, its repeated many times how we as Christians must separate ourselves in order to truly be recognized as different. chosen or called according to the Lords purpose and will for our lives. That alone can be an unpopular way of doing things as everyone may not understand your choices for following God. We all want to "feel "accepted and loved. admired and liked. We want to be approved of and validated but that cant come at the cost of going against God and running with a crowd that aren't designed to lead you or take you. we have to be willing to swim upstream and go against the grain in order to live the life we were created for. We may have to be Unpopular and different, weird and unique. we may not can be cookie cutters but Trend setters, trail blazers and discoverers. We are different and Unpopular and We must not be afraid to be who we are. I will embrace my unpopularity and ware it like a badge. I am focused, I am determined, I am going places, and I am ME, unpopular KI.


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