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Mathematics In Relationships 1+1+1 = 100

That equation is symbolic of how the smallest things add up and eventually break down marriage or relationship. 

She nor he can attend church regularly, participate in service and serving, and also believing in biblical principles such as tithing, yet the other does none of the above.

She nor he can live saved, sanctified, and holy ghost filled, yet the other is still drinking, hanging out in bars, and smoking weed.

She nor he can be on time paying bills, saving money for the future, and being honest on tax returns, yet the other is still claiming children they don’t have, spending to keep up with their friends, and having utilities cut off every other month.

She nor he can walk around using bad language, having a terrible attitude, and acting like a complete nutcase in front of people, yet the other is kind, patient, and uses wisdom.

There are too many more differences to name. I would be writing all night! I have had the opportunity to experience almost being equally yoked and not being on the same page at all.

It really does matter. It just does…just like the little things that build up and cause people to grow apart.

As for me and my house; I will know better the next time.

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