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Jakia Wilson

Hello All,

My Name is Jakia Wilson Aka KiKi's Critique. Thank you first of all for visiting my site and taking the time to read this. I created this site because I have a story, like us all. And when God freed me of the shame and guilt of my beginnings, I wanted a way to share with others how I overcame my humble start.  



I am a Play write. I have written 3 stageplays, with 5 shows under my belt. I own an Entertainment Company called Master Ki Entertainment LTD. Where we help aspiring artists have a platform to share their gifts with the world. I am also a client. 

I love people and am passionate about my purpose to help people any way that i can; through Art and expression. I am a lover of life and ALL that it holds. I am a mother of 2 grown sons and 1 toddler that was gifted to me by my sister. Everything Else will be revealed through my blog and youtube channel, so stayed plugged in. 

I  pray that this site is a breath of fresh air, as not only I, but other  authors/influencers of many different backgrounds; candidly and transparently revel how they too, have survived their humble beginnings in such a way that, you learn how to grow spiritually while  it inspires and gives you hope that you can overcome any situation if you just trust in Gods divine plan.

We were born to make manifest the Glory of God. We were made for change.


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